If you’re going through hell, keep going –                        Winston Churchill, depression sufferer


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My name’s George and I’m a twenty two year old who has been suffering from anxiety and major depression for over two years but I’m finally on the road to recovery. I’ve set up this blog because there’s a host of misinformation and poor support out on the internet, as well as within the health service and even our daily lives. Many people claim to have that ‘quick fix miracle cure’ which unfortunately just isn’t a reality, and many others question whether mental health problems even exist. Millions of people worldwide suffer from a mental health illness (it is estimated that 1 in 4 people will suffer at some point), but due to a feeling of shame and stigma, as well as the inadequacy of many mental health services, this illness is unnecessarily prolonged. As devastating as it can be, and no matter how protracted your condition has been, you can and will get better, and so I’ve created this blog to help people in similar situations to get on the road to recovery.

I haven’t made this blog all snazzy and colourful – I’ve kept it simple and easy to use as I want to cut straight to the real issue – mental health illnesses. I believe it is the message that’s important. I want to get information out as quickly as possible as I genuinely believe that some of the things I’ve learnt or been told along the way have saved my life, and I only wish I’d been told it sooner. In this blog I’ll talk about my own experiences (both the helpful ones and the more shocking ones), what I believe does and doesn’t work, and also any eye-opening or thought provoking articles and discussions. I’ll try to keep my posts short and to the point, but sometimes I do seem to write more of an essay! Unfortunately you just can’t trust many people on the internet, and I hope to provide a place where people can come to get honest support and advice. I haven’t made myself anonymous on this blog for that very reason.

If you’ve had experiences with a mental health problem or know someone that has, or if you’re just interested in hearing more, please leave a comment or e-mail me in the ‘Contact’ section!


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