Changing the Perception of Mental Health

I’ve just started working with a relatively new mental health startup called Sanctus. They have an awesome ethos of focusing on the fact that everyone has mental health and fitness, rather than zoning in one the 1 in 4 that we’re so used to. While this is an important angle, it’s refreshing to see a company taking a new approach, and this work, combined with that of charities, should really help to break down the stigma and help more people recover from depression and anxiety.

The idea is that we have mental health, just as we have physical health. And, just as we go to the gym and eat healthy, we should also train up our mental fitness too. I’ll be doing a bit of writing for them in the coming months which I’m looking forward to getting stuck into, but first, we had a little sit down chat about mental health. You can see a snippet of my story below (this was my first time on camera, so I know it isn’t perfect aha!):


Getting involved

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