Effects of speaking to you are Ex when you are in a relationship

Breaking up is something that you are saying bye to your lover but today’s relationships are highly complicated. Technology will not let people break up easily since the tool of social media connects people so easily. When you have left you to love and when you come to another relationship it means that a third character is into your life now and your action strongly impacts them as well. Here are some effects when you being friends with an ex while in a relationship.

Your lovers feel insecure

With the person whom you thought that he or she is your world, now you just speak to them as a friend. What if your mind tries to have patched up again with the same person? Generally, the human mind has more enhances to change in some situations. This is the biggest issue for the person who loves you now. He or she is the one who did not do any fault and just believes you. Think from their perspective!

You need to lie more

Not all the times you can agree that you are speaking to your ex. Sometimes you need to say some lies for the happiness of the person whom you love now. When he or she knows that later, it may burst out into a great issue.

You can feel some personal distance

When you are talking to your ex while in a relationship and if you try to hide that to your lover it may create some distance. Even when you say them, regarding your friendship it is not easy for them to take it easy and that may create some problems. As a result, you will need to maintain some distance and in the worst case, you may even lose them from your life.

hanging out with ex

You lose your love

When you are hanging out with ex while in the relationship it may not be acceptable for your lover. This can create something that you do not have love on them and you only love your ex. This can lead to the worse effect of losing your love. A human can tolerate only to some extent and after that mind gets trained to the situation and you will need to face the consequences.

Do not take any decision when you are in emotion since that may be the right for that particular situation only. Relations are for two people and two hearts. Have a time sit and speak from the heart and take an appropriate decision. Also, stand in that with complete mind balance.

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